Thursday, December 18, 2008

****new release list no. 198

A bunch of titles available this Friday and Sunday: word is that Wal-Mart forced this bizarre industry change. You think they’re on steroids? Maybe…

BURN AFTER READING is the latest from the Coen Brothers. Clooney (that’s what he told me to call him) is great in it as a paranoid government analyst. DEATH RACE is the latest jaw-dropping adrenaline ride starring action superhero Jason Statham. In HAMLET 2, we get to see what would have happened next, had Shakespeare continued the story. The less said about HOUSE BUNNY the better. Will Hollywood move past racial and religious stereotypes? Viewing TRAITOR, I think ought perhaps the answer is no. Still, Don Cheadle is a pleasure to watch in all of his movies, and if you like the international conspiracy flicks, then you will probably enjoy this one. THE WOMEN is about women dealing with feminine issues. And AMERICAN TEEN is something I was, and would never willingly be again.

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PS. Three quick hits – 1) Danger around Bernal Heights reported recently, some muggings, shoplifting and an assault near Eugenia. Please keep your eyes open and pay attention to your surroundings. Holiday season makes some people crazy. 2) Saw MILK last night at the Castro and left with my face still wet. Wow! Go see it at the Castro if you can. It was amazing walking out of the theatre and being RIGHT THERE! 3) Damn, my television at home is tiny. I am desperately seeking an upgrade. Are you buying a bigger better tv this holiday season? Wanna trade your old one for a lot of movie rentals? I am looking ideally for like a 32” Hi-def set. Just putting it out there.

............//NEW RELEASES//............

Brad Pitt/Frances McDormand/George Clooney/Tilda Swinton/John Malkovich.
Directed by the Coen Brothers.
* Pitt and McDormand are two doofuses who work at a gym. He is more of just a pretty clown and she is desperate for some cash for a little body manipulation surgery. Neither are bad per se, but you certainly can question their intelligence when they find a computer disc containing the memoirs of Osbourne Cox (Malkovich, in a role that mostly requires him to say “fuck”) and decide to blackmail the CIA or FBI or Treasury Dept, or whichever convoluted agency he works for. As you can imagine, things don’t work out great for their plans and convolution occurs. Swinton plays Cox’s soon to be ex-wife who is sleeping with Clooney, who (as you could imagine) is sleeping with anyone. Clooney’s physical mannerisms in this movie are probably reason enough to see it.

Jason Statham/Joan Allen/Ian McShane.
Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson.
* Post-industrial prison car killer race death explosives back-stabbing baby stealing wife-killing cars death speed gasoline oil bombs bad economy statham masked for-profit pay per view race death lies. Did you see Death Race 2000 with Sylvester Stallone? Now that was a movie…

Steve Coogan/Catherine Keener/Elizabeth Shue/Amy Poehler.
Directed by Andrew Fleming.
* After staging one after another pathetic stage adaptations of films for a high school drama class, Dana Marschz (Coogan) decides to write a politically incorrect musical sequel to Hamlet to try to save the Drama program. This is at least a two-hitter on the Green Ratings.

Anna Faris/Colin Hanks.
Directed by Fred Wolf.
* No but its PG-13.

Don Cheadle/Guy Pearce/Said Taghmaoui.
Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff.
* Is he a traitor or not? That is pretty much the question of this international thriller about an FBI agent (Pearce) tracking an international conspiracy where all paths appear to lead back to Horn (Cheadle) a form Special Ops government employee and perhaps a terrorist, too.

Meg Ryan/Annette Bening/Eva Mendes/Debra Messing/Jada Pinkett Smith/Bette Midler/Candice Bergen/Carrie Fisher/Cloris Leachman.
Directed by Diane English.
* This remake of the 1939 film starring Joan Crawford appears to star just about every woman in Hollywood. It is about women, the things they do, the way they do them. Women! Mysterious, unpredictable! Strange! From Venus! (or is it Mars?) As a man, I was not able to find out much in the way of plot. I’m not being disrespectful! I swear – I’m married to a pretty tough woman, and I assure you she will kick my ass if she thinks I am being disrespectful. I do have two copies of the original film, if you’d like to check that out. I’m not sure what it’s about.


Directed by Nanette Burstein.
* Oh the pain! This doc examines life at a high school in small town Indiana as seen through the eyes of five or six seniors. Who was it that said High School was the best time in your life? Yikes!


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