Monday, May 24, 2010

****new release list no.269

The weather: such a funny conversation, right? We use it to gloss over the uncomfortable moments, standing with an acquaintance, searching for something to say. We consider it, or don’t in the mornings as we’re preparing for our days. It has become a hot topic of conversation in the political arena, as we discuss globally the human affect on the atmosphere. Is it gonna be a nice day? Will it rain? Sweater or no? Hat? Are you an East Coaster? Still wear the shorts when it’s freezing? Lost all your chutzpah after an extended stay on the West Coast? Does your roof leak? Gutters clogged? Drain overflowing? Wind giving you a headache? Are you concerned about the water levels in the reservoirs? Are you hoping for sunshine on that camping trip? Do you have little kids? Are you old and creaky? Does the cold make your arthritis act up? Are you just into complaining and the weather is kind of your best topic? Looks like a beautiful day. Man, I’m freaking cold. It’s so hot. Kinda chilly today. Perfect beach weather. Great movie weather. Awesome hiking weather. Hot chocolate weather. Earthquake weather. Ah, the weather. Ah shit, the weather. Ho hum. Well…

THE ROAD starring Viggo Mortenson and Charlize Theron, is on, while I am typing this. Chris is watching it behind the counter. It appears to be a quiet movie with short periods of what sounds like large trees becoming uprooted, and lingering screams. Kinda creepy, but in a very serene way. It is an adaptation of a Cormac McCarthy (No Country for Old Men) novel, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize. The quietness of the sound of this film is attracting my attention, but I haven’t watched it yet. DEAR JOHN is also out this week. It is a war romance starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. I would make silly jokes about it, but Channing is buddies with my brother-in-law, who reads this blog, and he’s a big guy (Channing), so I don’t want to get on his bad side. Besides, I hear he’s a pretty cool feller. DEAR JOHN was an adaptation also from a novel by Nicholas Sparks who has had some pretty good success with adaptations lately (NIGHTS IN RODANTHE, THE NOTEBOOK).

Probably the biggest rush this week will be for TRUE BLOOD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON. We got this one on BD as well, for you hi-def fans (I know you’re def, even if you don’t have a hi-def tv. Word.).

We also have a couple new Criterion releases this week (STAGECOACH and BY BRAKHAGE: AN ANTHOLOGY) and a very interesting looking indie film called ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FUNERAL SINGERS by Tim Rutili, the frontman and guitar player of the band Califone (who simultaneously released an album of this same name). The film is about a fortune teller living in a house full of ghosts. Spooky!

I finally got around to seeing SHERLOCK HOLMES this weekend. I really liked it. The cinematography was interesting, very dark and cold. The violence was highly stylized, but mostly not very present. The relationship between Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr) and Watson (Jude Law) was probably the funnest part of the film, as you really got the feeling that they were frat brothers, for whom jobs and relationships would just get in the way of their boyish play. Of course Watson has found himself a lady friend, and this really saddens Holmes, who’d rather have Watson all to himself. As I suspect a lot of people feel, not the least of all Sienna Miller.

Do you like rock? Me, too! And I play it in a band called The Dont’s. We are just now releasing THOSE DELICATE CHEMICALS, our third full-length album, and we’re getting ready to play some shows in support of the new record. We’re actually heading out this week to Idaho to play at a very awesome looking outdoor festival called Ranchfest, which is organized by our good pals FINN RIGGINS. Then, we are having an official CD release party on Saturday, June 5th at The Bottom of the Hill. The album is for sale here at Four Star Video, and you can buy tix for the June 5th show here.

Continuing in the self-promotion vein, Succulence, our still relatively new plant, art and life inspirations store behind Four Star Video has been receiving some very exciting press this week. First, we were lucky enough to be featured on Daily Candy, an email list and website that highlights cool things going on. Then, as a result of that feature (thanks, Daily Candy!) we were written about on the ultra-hip design blog Apartment Therapy. Wow, we can’t thank both of them enough. A lot of people told us that they knew about us hiding back behind the video store for quite some time, but hadn’t ever checked us out until they read one of these reviews. We are hoping to shake the “Bernal’s best-kept secret” moniker soon! If you haven’t come by, now is a fine time. Here is a link to our facebook page, where you can see many photos of our store, and here is a link to our website. Thanks for the support!

Here is another reminder to get your film submissions in to the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema festival. If you are a film maker, editor, writer or are otherwise involved with a film, please enter it in the festival. Find information here.

Lastly, one last reminder about our new store hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 9pm and Monday 2pm-9pm.

Love and Kisses,

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............//NEW RELEASES//............

Angela Bettis.
Directed by Tim Rutili.
* This is the feature film debut of Rutili, who is better known as the frontman for the band Califone. This film features his band’s music, and was an official entry to the Sundance film festival this year. The story is about a fortune teller (Bettis) who lives in a house filled with ghosts.

Directed by Stan Brakhage.
* FROM CRITERION: “In Criterion's first volume of the anthology By Brakhage, we brought twenty-six astonishing works by the avant-garde film pioneer Stan Brakhage to home video for the first time. Now, in this second installment, we are proud to present thirty more of Brakhage's innovative creations, from 1950s films to his final work, from 2003. Highlights of this collection include the antiwar film 23rd Psalm Branch; hand-painted films from the Persian Series; The Wonder Ring, made for a commission by Joseph Cornell; the autobiographical Scenes from Under Childhood, Section One; his only found-footage film, Murder Psalm; and much more. (Films date from 1954-2003)”.

DEAR JOHN.****BD****
Channing Tatum/Amanda Seyfried/Richard Jenkins/Henry Thomas.
Directed by Lasse Hallstrom.
* John (Tatum) and Savannah (Seyfried, MAMMA MIA, BIG LOVE) are youngsters in love whose commitment is tested by his military serving during and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Horror/Foreign (Japanese).
Directed by Gen Takahashi.
* It says it is one of the most intriguing and original horror movies in years on the cover.

THE ROAD.****BD****
Viggo Mortenson/Kodi Smit-McPhee/Charlize Theron/Robert Duvall/Guy Pearce/Molly Parker.
Directed by John Hillcoat.
* The man (Mortenson) is on the road with his young son, trying to avoid getting eaten by cannibals and trying to teach his son about humanity, while struggling to maintain his own sense of it, in this adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name. The basic story tells of a future where something has killed most all of the animals (including humans) on earth and all that is left are small groups of wanderers, and some very uncivilized groups of cannibals also trying to survive.

John Wayne/Claire Trevor/John Carradine.
Directed by John Ford.
* This hard 1939 Western was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won two of them. It is the story of a group of people on a stagecoach journey in tense fear of the dangers that lie along the path.


Directed by National Geographic.
* From Amazon: America’s Great Plains were once a vibrant grassland ecosystem, akin to the great savannahs of Africa. Here, a mere 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark stepped onto this fertile landscape and were awestruck by what they saw herds of bison, packs of wolves, grizzly bears, prairie dogs and more. Since Lewis and Clark s time, many of these iconic prairie creatures have all but disappeared. Now, one of the most ambitious conservation projects in American history is underway to create a thriving three million acre wildlife reserve that will restore America s Serengeti. Filmed over 2 years in stunning high-definition, American Serengeti chronicles the massive restoration project and through CGI, will fast forward to the future when vast herds of American wildlife will roam the plains once again.


Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer.
Directed by.
* The Sookie Stackhouse saga continues! Sookie (Paquin) is a barmaid in Louisiana who has the challenging power of being able to read people’s minds. How frustrating that must be! Some peeps, yeah, I’d like to know what they are thinking (you know who you are), but most people, I’d rather be in the dark! Alas, Sookie reads the minds, like it or not. You know, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life, right? Anyway, Sookie is involved with Vampire Bill, who drinks synthetic blood so he doesn’t have to eat people to survive. He’s kind of like a methadone addict in this way. In Season two, the two of them are caught up in the mysterious disappearance of a very old vampire from Dallas…I am not sure if it is Jerry Jones or not.

............//NEW ON BLU/............

* Gorgeous Australian film from 1971 about two children trying to survive in the Outback after their father has a breakdown.

............//REPLACEMENT DVD’S/............

* Just another copy, cuz I loved it so much. And the ending? My god, the ending is just superb.


Monday, May 17, 2010

****new release list no.268

National Small Business Week is coming up next week, and in related news, I am still waiting for the results of my IRS audit. Well, when they say that small business is the building block of society, I think they actually mean that, all in all we’re just another brick in the wall. Snap!

THE MESSENGER, starring Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster and Samantha Morton is out this week. Beautifully acted and poignantly written, it is the story of a Casualty Notification unit, and a relationship that develops with an injured war hero and the widow of an officer. This film was nominated for two Academy Awards. Also nominated for a couple Oscars is INVICTUS, the story of an unlikely partnership between Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar, the captain of the mostly-white National Rugby team. Starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell star in EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES about a couple with two very sick children who turn to a researcher to help them find a cure for their kid’s rare disease. In THE NEW DAUGHTER, Kevin Costner continues his descent into irrelevance.

Do you like Judd Apatow? He has become super famous writing and producing films like KNOCKED UP, THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, FUNNY PEOPLE and being involved with many other big hitters over the last 5 years. His career began years ago in television, where he produced THE BEN STILLER SHOW and THE LARRY SANDERS show in the 90’s. In 1999, he was part of a team that produced/wrote/directed one of the most amazing TV shows of all time, FREAKS AND GEEKS. Have you seen this show? Wow, I cannot recommend it high enough. It is amazing. On my list of things to watch for many years, I finally took it home a week or two ago, and Amy and I have plowed through 16 of its 18 episodes thus far, and I am so sad that it is ending. Yes, it only lasted one season, like so many other brilliant, realistic, funny and painful shows about High School students (SQUARE PEGS, MY SO-CALLED LIFE). FREAKS AND GEEKS is well-named, and is somewhat centered on a brother and sister, one of which is a geek (the brother), and the other a former “mathlete” who finds herself a new-fangled freak. Watching these kids try to locate themselves in the vicious social reality of High School is funny and sad and very realistic. The scene in the first episode when Sam (the young brother) convinces himself to ask his crush, Cindy, to the dance is just amazing, as you know just as well as he does that she is gonna say no, but his gutsy invitation is so applaudable, and you can’t help but root for the guy. Launching the careers of James Franco, Jason Segal and Seth Rogen (Freaks), the show is a brilliant combination of disaffected, lonely ruminations on popularity, and heartfelt, passionate struggles for clarity and finding one’s place in the brutal, unapologetic world of high school. We sat preparing to watch the 16th episode last night, looking at a static picture of the eight or so main characters and discussing our favorites, and we realized we loved them all. It is odd on mainstream network television that you can learn so much about this many characters in just one season; I guess the thoroughness of the character development, combined with the show’s emotional honesty were just ahead of its time in 1999 when the show aired. It takes place in 1980, though, and the soundtrack, filled with classic rock of the period, is almost always perfect. If you’ve watched this show, then I’m preaching to the choir, but if you have not, give it a shot, it will be worth it.

Hey, we are deep into the entry period for the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema festival. Have you attended in the past? This festival embodies so much of what is wonderful about our neighborhood. If you are a film maker, editor, writer or are otherwise involved with a film, please enter it in the festival. Find information here.

Once again, here is a reminder about our change of hours:

Our new operation hours are: Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 9pm and Monday 2pm-9pm.

Love and Kisses,

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............//NEW RELEASES//............

Ashleigh Summer/Jill Bennett.
Directed by Megan Seidler and Megan Siler.
* This is kind of (or exactly) a lesbian remake of RUN LOLA RUN.

Spencer Rice.
Directed by Duncan Christie.
* This dark comedy follows Mark Tobias (Rice) a porn addict who is trying to recover by facing his, ahem, demons.

Harrison Ford/Brendan Fraser/Keri Russell/Courtney Vance.
Directed by Tom Vaughan.
* Based on a true story, Fraser and Russell play John and Aileen Crowley, parents of two young children with a rare medical disorder , who seek help from an anti-establishment researcher (Harrison Ford) who may be able to save their children.

Drama/Foreign (French).
Emilie Duquenne/Michel Blanc/Catherine Deneuve/Mathieu Demy.
Directed by Andre Techine.
* The girl in question claims to have been the object of an anti-Semetic and becomes the center of a media expose into the truth. With the brilliant Deneuve as the girl’s mother.

Matt Damon/Morgan Freeman.
Directed by Clint Eastwood.
* When I first saw the posters of this film, and heard it was about Nelson Mandela, I thought -Damn, Clint Eastwood is a magic man, casting Matt Damon as Nelson Mandela? Wow! I mean Matt was awesome in GOOD WILL HUNTING, and totally believable in THE BOURNE HYPOCRISY (was that the name? anyway, you know what I mean) but to play the black President of South Africa? I mean seriously, I cannot believe he didn’t win the Academy Award. Then I saw that Morgan Freeman was nominated for an Academy for his work in this film, too. So, is he not the rugby guy? But, I am so confused, cuz I barely saw Freeman on the poster for this film. Anyway, one of them is Nelson, and one is a rugby guy, and they were both nominated for the Oscar, and neither won, and I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I heard it was really good. And Clint turns 80 in two weeks, and that’s crazy too, right?!

Drama/Foreign (Indonesian).
Iqbal S. Manurung/Didi Petet.
Directed by Ravi L. Bharwani and Rayya Makarim.and Orlow Seunke
* This beautiful Indonesian film is about a 12-year-old boy, Jaya, who is sent to live with his father after his mother’s death. The father works on a jermal, a fishing platform in the middle of the sea, and, not knowing he had a son, rejects the kid and is mean and brutal to him. The son, shocked into survivor mode, gets tough and learns how to survive on the jermal, and eventually wins his father’s respect, and acknowledgment.

Ben Foster/Woody Harrelson/Samantha Morton.
Directed by Oren Moverman.
* Although I am not a big fan of war movies, I recognized that HURT LOCKER was one I just had to see. And although this isn’t quite the same, in that most of the action takes place domestically, this film should be somewhat in that same category. Focusing on the devastation that takes place far away from the battleground, this film follows a recently injured war hero, Will Montgomery (Ben Foster, SIX FEET UNDER) who is finishing his enrollment period by joining a older Casualty Notification specialist (Harrelson, brilliant as usual, and nominated for an Academy Award for this role) ringing doorbells to notify families of their losses. When Montgomery breaks the unwritten rule by getting involved with the widow of a fallen officer, he faces a moral dilemma that his training is unable to help him with.

Kevin Costner/Samantha Mathis/Ivan Baquero.
Directed by Luiso Berdejo.
* A dad moves with his kids to rural South Carolina where thing get weirder than usual. There may be some sort of monsters involved.

Jackie Chan/George Lopez/Billy Ray Cyrus/Amber Valletta.
Directed by Brian Levant.
* Jackie and George, together at last! In this goofy family comedy, Chan plays a retired CIA agent, trying to keep his girlfriends kids safe from his Russian nemesis who is out to “neutralize” him.

Julia Roberts/Patrick Dempsey/Jessica Alba/Kathy Bates/Jamie Foxx/Anne Hathaway/Jennifer Garner/Jessica Biel/Ashton Kutcher/Queen Latifah/Shirley Maclaine/Taylor Swift/Emma Roberts.
Directed by Garry Marshall.
* Ah, the pain of Valentine’s Day; ah the love and passion of Valentine’s Day. Which is it? Are you single? The horror! Are you with someone? Are you filled with the pressure of making the day…just…perfect?! This film follows lots of people, couples and singles, as they plan and succumb to the perfect storm of the holiday named after a Christian marty, and consecrated by a pope, 1500 years ago. Chickabow!

Tye Olson/Kyle Clare/Greg Louganis/Karen Black.
Directed by David Oliveras.
* An artist’s current relationship is haunted by his high school era lover, who is long gone, but whose memory continues to be very present in his life.

Lisa Ray/Sheetal Sheth.
Directed by Shamim Sarif.
* This movie about forbidden love and breaking boundaries takes place in South Africa during the Apartheid period. Centered on two people who operate a café, the story follows both as they trepidatiously pursue relationships with people who are about as unavailable as can be, yet they are not stopped by the challenges the relationships present, but are willing to risk everything to satisfy their hearts.


Directed by Barry Levinson.
* This film crawls into the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions during the presidential race, and gets up close with the Hollywood celebs that backed either side.





Monday, May 10, 2010

****new release list no.267

Last week’s blog was an especially hard one to write. I was super low and somewhat having escapist fantasies! I worded the Four Star survey that I sent out as negatively as possible, feeling like if people wanted me to know it was time to make a big change, it would help them communicate that to me. I had become depressed based on the accounting numbers, and I was super stressed about our options.

How do I feel this week?

Well, it is still pretty stressful, but the information that came across from those who took the survey was amazingly supportive and this support has completely reinvigorated me!

Thanks must go out to the 138 people who have thus far filled out the survey. I am concerned that some people didn’t fill it out because of the lack of anonymity, so I will have a survey, (slightly different from the online one) set up at the store in the next several days, and if you pop in, you can fill it out and slip it into a box here. We’d appreciate it, because feedback, both positive and negative, is crucial to any small business.

I have lots more I want to share about the future of Four Star, but I also have had about 4 great days in a row, and I’d like to keep that streak going, so we’ll save the hard talk for another day. In the meantime, on to the movies!

This week, it seems like most of the films are action/suspense/thriller/disaster types. Led by EDGE OF DARKNESS, a feature film starring Mel Gibson, which is actually a remake of a 6-part miniseries of the same name from 1985 (made by the same director!). Mel plays Thomas Craven, a crusty Boston cop who must investigate his own daughter’s death after she is shot down at the front door. Death is not a fear of Craven’s, as he never falters in his dogmatic single-minded approach to the truth.

In LEGION, apocalyptic battles are fought by angels and earthlings in a fight for survival by humanity. In TIDAL WAVE, a big bunch of water comes down on a beach town in Korea rendering everyone’s problems less meaningful while they struggle against nature’s hand. In DAYBREAKERS, vampires are faced with a dwindling supply of human blood. Seriously!

There are also two miniseries from the LONESOME DOVE series, STREETS OF LAREDO and DEAD MAN’S WALK. I haven’t seen them, but I loved those books, so hard and lethal and full of a desperate need for focus and good decision-making. These 1995 and 1996 television adaptations are full of stars of both the present and the past.

Here is a reminder about our change of hours:

Our new operation hours are: Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 9pm and Monday 2pm-9pm.

Please know, I take my stewardship of Four Star Video very seriously, and I will continue to do as much as I can to provide this important business to the community. All you have to do is utilize us to help keep the doors open.

Love and Kisses,

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3SUB - Three Movies at a time – Unlimited exchange – $24.99 + Tax/Month
4SUB - Four Movies at a time – Unlimited exchange – $32.99 + Tax/Month

............//NEW RELEASES//............

Ethan Hawke/Willem Dafoe/Sam Neill.
Directed by Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig.
* Visually gorgeous futuristic vampire movie about a plague that has turned us all into bloodsuckers dealing with a dwindling fuel source…

Mel Gibson/Ray Winstone/Danny Huston.
Directed by Martin Campbell.
* Originally made as a six-part miniseries by the same director in 1985 (and starring Joanne Whalley), this version is quite pared. The basic tale is of a long-time Boston cop (probably a Red Sox fan) whose daughter is shot literally on his doorstep. Although it first seems like an accidental death with the real intended victim being the cop, soon it becomes clear that she has become embroiled in an international conspiracy involving the company she is working for making secret nuclear weapons to be used around the world. Soon, the ever-dogmatic Gibson (as Thomas Craven, the father) becomes steadfastly focused on finding the killers and making them pay. With Winstone as a government agent charged with “fixing” the controversy in a way that it will never be discovered.

LEGION (2010).****BD****
Paul Bettany/Lucas Black/Tyrese Gibson/Dennis Quaid.
* Pretty sure God is super pissed off in this apocalyptic tale. See, he think humans are maybe not worth the effort and so he sends some nasty “angels” to demoralize, demolish, and demi glace earth. Ah, but Archangel Michael (Bettany) and a bunch of random earthlings who are trapped in diner provide the righteousness needed to fight back.

Action/Disaster/Foreign (Korean).
Ji-won Ha/Joong-Hoon Park.
Directed by Je-gyun Yun.
* A beach in Southern Korea is hit with a giant Tsunami.


* This and the next are mini-series from the LONESOME DOVE stories of Larry McMurtry…they are hard hitting Westerns and these were made in the mid-90’s.

* As with DEAD MAN’S WALK, this is a mini-series from the LONESOME DOVE stories of Larry McMurtry…






Monday, May 3, 2010

****new release list no.266

Ever wonder, how long will Four Star Video keep its doors open? I know I sure have.

Do you have thoughts on this matter? At the end of this post, I have included a link to our survey which we are asking you to take. This will help us decide how to proceed. We are very committed to this store, but the truth is we are analyzing every part of the business with the hopes that we can make some basic changes that will allow us to remain open.

When Amy and I bought this amazing store, after being customers for nearly 10 years, we asked ourselves this question pretty regularly. And it was hard to answer. After all, how could a video store compete in this day and age with Neflix, downloadable movies, Red Box, On-Demand home viewing, the public Library, etc. Doesn’t it seem that technology (or evolution) will cause this business to go under? And yet…the store is in a walking neighborhood, on a busy block, next door to a café, and with the grocery store at the end of the block. Bernal Heights is filled with civic minded people who love to support its businesses and Four Star Video has served as a bit of a community center, where people run into their friends and neighbors and chat about cinematic art, for 26 years!

Would the business shrink? Most definitely. Would it dry up completely? It’s been hard to say.

Ah, but we are proactive people. As many of you know, we’ve made a lot of changes over these three years in order to stay afloat. People complained a lot about late fees, so we offered the least expensive video store rental option ever – Kenflix. And a few hundred people signed up. People expressed interest in the new Hi-def formats, and we have grown one of the largest libraries of Blu-ray format films in the city. People begged us not to get rid of Dollar Wednesday – and we kept it! People told us the floor smelled, and we bought new carpet (and painted and re-thought the interior of the store). We opened a free book library of books that were made into great movies. We invested in hundreds of DVD’s that we formerly only had on VHS.

And yet…the challenges continue. Most recently, we have discovered we are no longer sustainable at our current budget, and we are trying some big changes to stem the flow. Some of these changes you’ll notice and some you will not. Our hope is that we can continue to provide service to our fair city. We are worried (properly so) but we are optimistic (cautiously, curiously). The important thing for you to know is that Four Star is being greatly challenged and we are examining every aspect of the business, and all sorts of ideas, realistic and otherwise, in order to stay open and keep fulfilling our role in the community, if that is what the community wants.

Here are the critical operation changes you need to know about:

Our new operation hours are: Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 9pm and Monday 2pm-9pm.

The change here is that we are now closed at 9 instead of 10pm every day. This means movies are due at 9pm. Also, we are opening three hours later on Monday. Included in this change, but less visible, are different employment shifts. Hopefully this won’t affect you very much; let me know if it does.

If you care about Four Star Video, and even if you don’t and just read this because it provides you with a small bit of amusement and some factual movie information each week, please take this survey that is linked here and let us know your thoughts. We are very curious to hear what our community thinks about this, because in the end, it is to serve you that we are open, not the other way around. If we can do that, and still exist within the realm of a normal business, then we most certainly will! Thanks in advance for filling out the survey!

Love and Kisses,

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ESUB -One Movie at a time – Three movies total – $9.99 + Tax/Month
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4SUB - Four Movies at a time – Unlimited exchange – $32.99 + Tax/Month

............//NEW RELEASES//............

HAMLET (2009).
David Tennant/Patrick Stewart.
Directed by Gregory Doran.

Amy Adams/Matthew Goode/Bill Nighy/John Lithgow.
Directed by Anand Tucker.

Daniel Day-Lewis/Nicole Kidman/Judi Dench/Kate Hudson/Marion Cotillard/Sophia Loren/Penelope Cruz/.
Directed by Rob Marshall.

Andy Griffith/Myron McCormick.
Directed by Mervyn LeRoy.
* First time on DVD.

Musical/Punk Classic.
P.J. Soles/Vincent Patten/Clint Howard.
Produced by Roger Corman.
Directed by Allan Arkush.
* Do you remember this classic? High school anarchy to the tunes of The Ramones. Highly recommend!

Vincent Gallo.
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Drama/Foreign (Japanese).
Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

Dwayne Johnson/Ashley Judd/Billy Crystal/Julie Andrews.
Directed by Michael Lembeck.










* This is super awesome..




* Electric boogaloo.




............//NEW ON BLU/............


............//REPLACEMENT DISCS/............

* Yummy food.






THE 25th HOUR.