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****new release list no.272

In THE BOOK OF ELI, it is post-apocalyptic America and Eli (Denzel Washington) is wandering the countryside with a very special book, looking to bring it to the peeps who deserve it the most…who are those peeps? Not the character played by Gary Oldman, I can tell you that!

WHEN IN ROME, don’t go wading in the Fountain of Love picking up coins tossed by desperate lovers, or you will become the center of attention for all those, uh, coin-tossers. Which is what Beth (Kristen Bell) finds out when she gets back from Rome and gets more attention then she originally hoped for from multiple guys.

YOUTH IN REVOLT is the latest Michael Cera venture where he plays an even younger teenager than his last couple movies. At this rate, Mr. Cera be the star of the next Bad News Bears film. Seriously, hold old is this guy anyway? Regardless, he can play a teenager, and thus he does, in this case Nick Twisp, a lonely, intellectually, creative type who desperately wants to lose his virginity, preferably to his latest crush Sheeni (Portia Doubleday). Abstain, young man! Didn’t you see JUNO?

UNTHINKABLE is a suspenseful thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson as a government agent with the power to torture and kill suspects to get important information out of them. Co-starring Carrie-Anne Moss as an FBI counterpart.

Also of note, MAX AND MARY, a claymation film by the guys who made HARVEY KRUMPET about a couple of unlikely pen pals who live continents apart and HAPPY TEARS, starring Parker Posey and Demi Moore as sisters trying to deal with their aging father (Rip Torn).

There are also some really intense looking docs at the store this week, BURMA VJ, a journalistic triumph about crimes against humanity going on in Burma; WAR CHILD, about a hip-hop artist who makes an emotional return to Sudan where he served as a child soldier, and SEX POSITIVE, the story of Richard Berkowitz, an activist in the fight against A.I.D.S.

Lastly, I suggest some of you costume drama fans check out RAFFLES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, a British television series from the 1970’s about a gentleman jewel thief and his merry ways.

Alrighty then, see you down at the store.

Love and Kisses,

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............//NEW RELEASES//............

Denzel/Gary Oldman/Mila Kunis/Jennifer Beals/Tom Waits.
Directed by Albert Hughes and Alan Hughes.
* Ah, the Book of Eli, presumably one of the chapters of the next bible, I guess. Eli (Denzel) is in possession of one of the only King James bibles remaining from the Last Great War, which destroyed most of civilization. Eli is on a mission to bring the book somewhere specific, unfortunately though he keeps coming across people who want to kill/eat/destroy/rob him, and seem to have no qualms/manners/ethics/morals/soap left. Well, Eli is not easily put down, and though he is given trouble to no end by a warlord named Carnegie (Oldman) and his henchman, eventually the quest is completed, and thus the Book of Eli will be written.

Tyler Labine/Sonja Bennett.
Directed by Cameron Labine.
* Somewhat charming little indie about a young man, addicted to computer porn who actually starts to make love to his computer after the images on screen start to turn him off. Soon, like many philanderers, it is his neighbors computers that he begins to lust after – it is just a hope skip and a jump until he is doing with his co-workers computer’s as well. Soon the boss is after the “computer rapist” and his secret life is in danger of being exposed.

Parker Posey/Demi Moore/Ellen Barkin/Rip Torn.
Directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein.
* Written and directed by the same guy who made 2007’s TEETH, this film is about a couple of adult sisters (Posey and Moore) who go home to try to deal with their older father (Torn) who has some aging struggles, but is also very full of life.

Philip Seymour Hoffman/Toni Collette/Eric Bana.
Directed by Adam Elliot.
* An unlikely friendship spanning two decades is the subject of this funny and touching story. Mary is an Australian girl of 8 years old in the 1970’s when she picks Max out of a telephone book and sends him a pen pal letter. Max is a lonely 44-year-old living in NY struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome and severe obesity. The years pass, the letters continue and their friendship deepens throughout their lives. This film is from the guys who made HARVEY KRUMPET and though it is animated, it is not a kid’s film.

Joe Strummer/Rick Aviles/Steve Buscemi.
Directed by Jim Jarmusch.
* 198 classic Jarmusch film with interweaving tales connected loosely by a hotel room in Memphis.

Samuel L. Jackson/Michael Sheen/Brandon Routh/Carrie-Anne Moss.
Directed by Gregor Jordan.
* Tense flick about government condoned torture of suspected terrorists, in this case to find out where some nuclear bombs are that are set to blow up around the US very soon.

Kristen Bell/Josh Duhamel/Angelica Huston/Will Arnet/Jon Heder.
Directed by Mark Steven Johnson.
* Poor Beth (Bell) is hot, honest, successful and employed! But for some reason can’t find a soul mate. When she goes to Rome for her sister’s wedding (ah, Roma!) she drunkenly stumbles into the Fountain of Love and steals some coins that were thrown in there by other desperate lovers. Soon, the men they come a’calling, and Beth has her hands full – literally! What’s a poor, hot, successful, honest woman to do?

Michael Cera/Portia Doubleday/Zach Galafianakis/Steve Buscemi.
Directed by Miguel Arteta.
* Adapted from the teen novels of C.D.Payne, this film tells the story of Nick Twisp (Cera) and his alter-ego Francois Dillinger. Nick is dealing with his messy parents, their messy divorce, and the messy situation his body is in as it yearns desperately to separate itself from its current state of virginity. He meets Sheeni (Doubleday), the girl of his dreams, and becomes fixated on her, willing to do nearly anything to get her to be with him. Some of what he is willing to do is against the law, and trouble arises. But what’s trouble to a horny 16-year-old?


Directed by Anders Ostergaard.
* Nominated for the 2010 Academy Award (won by THE COVE), this documentary focuses on crimes against humanity in Burma, where journalism is basically illegal. The people who shot the footage used in this film risked their lives documenting the killing of Burma monks among other things and smuggling the footage out of the country to people like Ostergaard who would help expose the Burmese government to the rest of the world.

Directed by National Geographic.

Directed by Daryl Wein.
* Richard Berkowitz was working the streets as a gay S&M sex worker in the late 70’s-early 80’s when the AIDS epidemic began. He worked tirelessly over the following decade to create solutions and programs that would help people have safer sex. This documentary tells his story.

Directed by Christian Karim Chrobog.
* This painful yet inspirational tale follows rap star Emmanuel Jal as he makes an emotional return to Sudan where he served as a child soldier.


Seth MacFarlane.
* Dysfunction is hysterical in someone else’s family.

Comedy/Crime /Television.
Anthony Valentine.
* A.J. Raffles: gentleman, famous Cricket player and secret jewel thief! This 1977 British television show is sure to please you lovers of costume drama.






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