Sunday, June 3, 2007

****new release list no. 118

My kids and I played baseball up on a Field of Dreams this Sunday morning. Holly Park is where the dreamlike field existed. What an awesome park! It was bright and early and the ground was still wet with dew (hopefully) and we played baseball on the diamond. As we played I thought about the myriad of great baseball movies out there, and decided that as we get into summer, it is time to highlight the boys of summer with a Four Star favorites section dedicated to baseball.

I was thinking I would take a short poll about your favorite baseball movies and make sure we have every one of them in stock and then prominently display them by the front counter. I think my personal favorite is a little small budget film that I saw on HBO many years ago called LONG GONE that had the infamous line in it, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.” I hear that.

If you have a second to email me your favorite baseball movie I will make sure we stock it.

A quick hello and goodbye regarding the Four Star Staff: Justine is moving on after just a couple quick months. She is joining the circus!! We wish her well and be nice to the elephants, Justine! You may know Tulin Kinaci who is joining us for the summer. She is the sister of Sara who worked here for a good while. Tulin is going to college down south in the fall but will be at Four Star helping out until them. We are psyched to have her around.

Best regards,

ps There is a MAMMOTH amount of stuff on order, some I thought would be in this week, if I spoke to you about a request, rest assured, it is coming soon!

pps Huck wanted me to let you know he hit a lot of great hits on Sunday, including 3 that made it almost out of the infield and one that wacked me pretty hard in the belly.

............//NEW TITLES//............

Kristen Stewart/Penelope Ann Miller/Dylan McDermott.
Directed by Danny Pang/Oxide Pang.
* A family leaves the big city for the quiet life of a North Dakota farm. Surprisingly, it all goes sour. Violent ghosts create a disturbance for the family and the teen daughter must find a way to save them all.

Eddie Murphy/Eddie Murphy/Eddie Murphy/Cuba Gooding, Jr/ Thandie Newton.
Directed by Brian Robbins.
* I thought Eddie really hit his stride in Dreamgirls. In fact, I would LOVE to see a whole movie based on that character. Sadly, this isn’t it. However if you are looking for a couple hours of laughter with one of the best physical comedians out there, Norbit may be your film. Eddie plays a variety of characters (a Chinese restaurant/orphanage owner, a mean junk food junky) as well as the title character Norbit, himself as we follow a sad sack’s tale about a nice guy making wine from sour grapes.


Denis Leary.
Directed by Many.
* The stress and fears of life as seen through the eyes of a NY Fireman played by the caustically funny Denis Leary.

Jerry Seinfeld/Jason Alexander/Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Michael Richards.
Directed by Many.
* The eighth season of the super duper popular series about nothing. Don’t hold it against me that I have actually only seen two episodes of this entire series ever. I laughed; I swear…I just didn’t watch much TV back then.

............//NEW ACQUISITIONS//............

Bill Murray/Chris Makepeace
Directed by Ivan Reitman.
* Spaz! Spaz! SPaz! SPAz! SPAZ! Early Bill Murray at his zaniest as a camp counselor for a bunch of social rejects.


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